Welcome to the Website

Welcome to the website!  I promise I will get some help and make it nicer but for now it’s up!

Since beginning this project last week I have been both heartened and horrified by the response.  Heartened that so many people are not willing to stand by and let Donald Trump and his minions turn America into a country of hate and intolerance.  Horrified because said minions have called me every name in the book.  I find it so ironic  (the polite word for it) people would take the time to post hateful things on a Facebook page they disagree with.  I guess that is what we are fighting, right?  I am developing a tough skin very quickly and each mean spirited post just makes me want to fight harder.

Oh, and one more thing for today!  I actually laugh out loud when I hear I am being a “crybaby”, or ” we should now come together as a country “or  “agree or disagree we must respect the office of the Presidency”.  Now?  Really?  Why weren’t we doing that two weeks ago?   Here is what I am going to do. I agree not to be a crybaby if we come together as a country that isn’t just white men.  I agree to respect the office of the Presidency but I refuse to respect the man holding the office after January 20, 2017.  I am also going to learn how to use my computer so I can keep working for tolerance.  But right now I am going to eat lunch.

Spread the word! (Not about my lunch, about the I Rise Project)

One thought on “Welcome to the Website

  1. I rise for Pachamama, Mother Earth, mother of us all. She loves and sustains all of her children, ALL :
    Women, Black, Muslims, Christians, LGBT, tree huggers, beauty walkers, all sentient beings, she loves us all…ALL as One. I stand and rise for her : climate change is not a hoax.

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