Month: November 2016

It’s Snowing

Since beginning this project I have been called some really horrible names by people who tell me to stop being a hater.  I find that a bit ironic, but whatever.  Among the names I was called is Snowflake, and I hadn’t heard this term before so I didn’t know what it meant.  I was a Snowflake in a couple of productions of The Nutcracker (back in my ballerina days), so I thought perhaps the poster had seen me and recognized me — which would be pretty impressive because unlike in nature every single Flake looks exactly alike. Turns out he did not see it and he did not mean it as a compliment.

It means something like: you are delicate and think you are special.  Guilty!  Except for the delicate part.   The truth is, with every mean, derogatory, profanity-filled post I read, I become even stronger and more determined.  People have been given license to act on their racist and misogynistic tendencies, and they’re coming out in droves.  This is not the time to relax and see what happens.  Trump has been very clear about what will happen.

Hashtag #irise and #whatever you rise for, to social media during the inauguration January 20, 12pm EST.  Maybe it will be snowing!  This Snowflake would like that.